FVSP Industries        

Experience from multi-industry innovation!

As a company that encourages smart business practices to its client base, We also want to promote Green Awareness, and there is no better way to accomplish this than to Recycle the items and materials we use every day. You will be amazed at what can come from simple products that can no longer serve our needs

Tires -Shoes - Sneakers
Mud Flaps - Floor Mats

Bottles - Bottle Caps - Butter Tubs - Old Tubberware - Plastic Bags

Bottles - Jars - Dishes - Windows

Clothing - Carpet - Eyeglasses 

Cell Phones - Radios - Printer Cartridges

Batteries - Motor Oil - Paint - Light Bulbs 
Auto Chemicals - Paint

Bicycycles - Books - Candy Wrappers 
Potatoe Chip Bags - CD's & Dvd's

Furniture - Mattreses - Make-Up - Toys

Food Scraps - Garden Chemicals - Garden Waste

Aluminum Foil Pans - Beverage Cans - Keys
Soup Cans - Scrap Metals