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We Are Multi-Industry!

Past Projects

Project: Resurfacing of Bridge Decking
Contractor: Roman Ashpalt Corp
Location: East Brunswick, NJ Interchange 9
Duration: 2 Nights
Services: Prepare material for a marketing video

Project: Bridge and Road Rehabilitation
Contractor: Konkus Corp
Location: Somerset and Kearny, NJ
Duration: 1 week and 1 day
Services: Develop portfolio 

Project: Greystone Park Psychaitric Center  
Contractor: Northstar & PAL Corp
Location: Morris Plains, NJ
Duration: 3 yrs 
Services: Provide State of NJ with 10 progress photos each month 

Project: Route 7 Bridge Replacement  
Contractor: Konkus Corp
Location: Rt 3 Kearny, NJ
Duration: 2 yrs
Services: Document progress

Project: Utility Replacement & Resurfacing 
Black Rock Enterprises
Location: Sea Bright, NJ
Duration: 1 day
Services: Capture all markouts and any imperfections or existing damage

Project: Demolition of Office Building
Contractor: E.D.M
Location: Cranbury, NJ
Duration: 1 day
Services: This was a test case for the client to see our quailty for potential opportunities in the future.